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As our market becomes increasingly complex, employers need a trusted advisor now more than ever.
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TLG Difference

The Lance Group difference is the strategic and personalized approach we take to managing your employee benefits. We understand that every organization has their own unique set of needs and challenges that can only be addressed with a deep understanding of the organization as a whole. The Lance Group emphasizes unearthing that information and creating a complete employee benefits solution.

We complement our deep understanding of your organization with a wide array of innovative services and strategies from which we can choose to create your employee benefits solution. Our suite of services includes healthcare reform consulting, regulatory and compliance guidance, HR consulting, internal claims advocacy, industry benchmarking, online benefits resources, cloud based technology packages, and so more.

Our Process

With an almost endless number of employee benefits solutions, how do you know which is right for your organization? We uncover that answer through our comprehensive interview process.
What is your current employee benefits strategy? What benefits do your offer and why? What is the impact those benefits have had on your employees and organization as a whole?
Once we have a complete understanding of your needs and benefits, we develop a solution to meet your short and long term goals. This allows you to enjoy the peace of mind that a true professional can bring to your organization.

Beyond Benefits: Our Services

Claims Advocacy

Navigating the complexities of the health insurance market can be challenging, if not impossible, for you employees. Have the peace of mind knowing your dedicated rep is there to help.

Regulatory & Compliance

In 2014 EBSA (enforce ERISA) closed 3,928 civil investigations and recovered $356.2M from informal complain resolution. Benefits compliance has never been more important.

Alternative Funding

Insurance companies don’t have to dictate your renewal and your plans anymore. We will help you find a tailored solution that gives you the advantages of self-funding or pooling your risk.

Healthcare Reform

As a market leading expert, there hasn’t been one NJ public sector entity with absolutely no healthcare reform related exposure. We will identify and manage that exposure for you.

Wellness Programs

Reducing health care costs is almost every employer’s chief concern. Are you offering a program that measures your ROI and enhances employee morale? With The Lance Group, you could be.


We are the first in this market to offer truly cutting-edge technology to our clients. Let us manage your onboarding, offboarding, internal workflows, benefits enrollment and more – for free.

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