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On June 28, 2011, Chapter 78 was signed into law. This law impacts State entities, Boards of Education and other Educational Groups, County Governments and all Units of Local Government. Chapter 78 requires that employees of these entities contribute to the cost of their health plan. As a means of breaking down this complex law, The Lance Group created this contribution calculator to help individual employees.

Select your level of coverage. Your contribution changes dependent on what coverage tier you select.

Chapter 78 implementation year. Your contribution is based on a sliding scale. Your contribution increases during each successive year of the Chapter 78 implementation until year 4 is reached.
Annual Salary. Your contribution will range based on your salary. As you receive your salary increase, your contribution may increase as well.
Premium. Your contribution may be based on your medical, dental, and vision premium. Consult with your administrative staff or broker to determine which applies to you.
Paychecks. You most likely don’t want to know your monthly cost as calculated by the law, you want to know how much comes out of each paycheck. Choose the value that coincides with the number of paychecks you receive annually.

Click here to learn more about Chapter 78.

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